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In Kingston Jamaica, a star was born.  Yvad was performing an acoustic piece with his guitar at the Tuff Gong Museum when he was approached by Stephen Marley, who took a likeness to his music and signed him onto Tuff Gong.  The release of his first album “Young Gifted & Dread” gathered international attention with his debut single, "We Need Love,” and was awarded Best Produced Single on the Jamaica Music Awards in 1995.  

Yvad has been featured multiple times on Billboard Magazine and in international media.  MTV Europe interviewed Yvad and was captured by his enthralling live performance at the Tuff Gong Studios.  BET's Caribbean Rhythms devoted an entire show to Yvad.  In 1997 Yvad was featured in the Marley Magic live show with the Marley family: Rita, Ziggy, Cedella, Stephen, Julian and Damion.

After his international debut, he was back on the scene releasing a second album entitled "Justice”; an album filled with the ital vibes of a rich soulful voice and conscious lyrics.  While in Kingston, Yvad met with Aston “Family Man” Barrett of The Wailers, and soon joined The Wailers band as their lead singer in 2006.  He released his third album, “The Sojourner”, and continued to perform as the lead singer of The Wailers band until 2012.  Yvad formed his own group called the “Reggae Renegades” and is now touring the world.

Even with all of the changes in the music business, Yvad has never left out his roots and culture that has made him into the brilliant music producer, songwriter, and performing artist that he is today.  The message in his music is positive and uplifting.  His performance on stage is energetic and leaves the audience mesmerized. 

Yvad is a rare and precious gem who continues to promote the spirituality of reggae music, and to hold firm as he waits for others to enjoy and explore what he has to offer in the music industry. “With every great artist”, said Yvad, “there is consciousness, great lyrics, great melody and love for all fans”. Yvad is an artist who reveals the true meaning of reggae music, “love, peace and unity” and that’s what makes the music true to our culture.    Yvad -  Youtube Channel.   Yvad -  Riverton video.     Yvad - Tribute video. Tribute to Bob.     Yvad -  Herb and Music video.   Yvad - Facebook     Yvad - Facebook     Yvad - Instagram     Yvad - SoundCloud

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